Nelson was born in La Havana, Cuba in 1957. He moved with his family to New Jersey at the age of two.  Nelson has lived in Cuba, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico but is Miami what he calls home for more than 30 years.  He has traveled extensively among others through Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico, Colombia, Cuba and Puerto Rico. 

 He inherited spiritual powers, which he has been developing through his life.  Initiated in “Palo Mayombe” when he was a child  and years later Initiated  into the Yoruba religion, he became Babalocha (Priest, father of the Orishas)  of the Orisha Yemaya.  His Ashe and knowledge of the universe’s mysteries has giving health, stability, firmness and resolved problems to everyone who has come to him.  With his faith, devotion, and powers he has decided to make known to the world his knowledge and grace.

Nelson and his partner own Botanica 7 Mares, called by some customers “The Macys of the Botanicas”, since 8 years ago.  Also they own Saint Michael Imports, a wholesaler, and importer of religious products mainly from India, China, Philippines, Colombia, Peru and Vietnam.

Nelson does consultation with Cowry shells (diloggun), he is a medium and has  extra sensorial abilities to work with possession of spirits in séance though spiritual masses.  He works with Palo Mayombe, make potions for love, health, love spells, work to take away evil spirits, prepare talismans for protection and much more.

Roger IFA Aye

Born in Havana, Cuba, in 1973 and moved with his family to Miami in 1998, after a while living here in Miami he start his path in Yoruba Religion first being initiated in the Osha and a year after passing to IFA and became Babalawo (IFA Priest). Like any other dedicated Oluo, Roger has walked the road of his life studying IFA and it secret and slowly but assured turning himself in one of the most respected and beloved Babalawos in our Town.

Roger does Consultations with the Ekuele and marks direct works to the different Orishas in order to help the people that everyday crowds our store seeking his help and advice.