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Yemaya, The Mother of the World

Published : 2016-05-10 13:37:02

Hello friends, another week, another Monday and here we return to our blog to continue sharing stories and knowledge about our faith and religious traditions. Last Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day and we could not overlook this celebration without paying a tribute to our elderly mother, the mother of the world, the mistress of the sea: Yemayá.

We have gone a little common thread in which we plan our blog to go step by step entering in religious matters by way of initiation for friends who are unfamiliar with it. We did not intend to start talking about the Orishas and their particular stories to not lay the foundation for how he had been shaped and settled the Yoruba religion in the world and of course this story and its line take us through each Older Orishas, ​​patakíes (stories) and others. But for the reason given above and being Yemayá the guide, mother and protector of our project since our company bears the name of 7 Mares, timely we believe this humble reverence.


Life comes from the Sea; the Sea has a mistress, our mother, Maferefún Yemayá

 Yemayá (Iya Mo Aiye, Mother of the World); who has not heard appoints the Black Goddess Yoruba Pantheon? Initiated and uninitiated revere the great Orisha because it gives birth to all things of the Earth and life is born from her.

Yemayá always works, even a day she came to read, without being Babalawo, the Opele.  When Orula discovered this, he walk away from her, because she took over his clientele and also he said that "in a Ile (house) cannot live two soothsayers".

Many religious claim that Diloggún (snail) was born in Oshe (5) and this is not true. The snail was born in Odi (7) which is sky, land and sea, and Yemayá  rules over  this sign so over the birth of sea snails. So the true ”caracolera” of this Religion is Yemayá.

She and only she is Queen Obbini, absolute queen of this religion when she talks it’s like Odduwa (Obbatalá) were talking himself. Oshún is the goddess of the underbelly and it is asked when disorders of this part of the body are due; but it was Yemayá who creates life and if there’s an issue during pregnancy is she the one you pray so the child will born well.

The black goddess is a Santa because in it much foundation nature, humility and love is born. She taught the art of Love to Shangó, her beloved son, and also to the others Orishas. Yemayá is the noble and good mother who gives it all to her children and humanity. The saying goes that "she holds more than a ram", but when she goes mad will be not calm by anyone or anything, and when this happens the person who causes that angry will suffer calamities.

Yemayá, Mother of the Yoruba Pantheon

Yemayá is as old as the very Odduwa (land) because she born of one of the Odduwa’s ribs. Yembo, it is the first name by which Yemayá (sea) were known. These were the first names they had or knew when Aran Orún (heaven) and they were as Irunmales "interplanetary spirits” inhabitants of heaven, together with Olodunmaré. Much has been said of Yemayá by other historians and writers which to some extent have come to misinform and create myths very alien to the reality of what itself is Yemayá.

Yemayá was, is and will always be the mother of the Yoruba pantheon, the creator of the living being as exists on the planet, everything that has life on this earth or in other lands is due to Yemayá. Orisha is not only the Mother of salt water, as it is fresh water and if you want also the owner of the blood coursing through the veins of all human beings. There is no deity throughout the Yoruba pantheon to which it can compare its hegemony. She is linked to all that is alive on the planet and especially humans.

His favorite colors are from the lightest blue to the darkest, but she also like the black and all shades of pink. She usually wears black and pink when it is known by the path Okoto.

When this Orisha came to Cuba she was syncretized with the Blessed Virgin of Regla and the people from Africa were able to continue venerating the Holy Mother of the World, passing on their rogations and lamentations to her.

Although all living beings somehow come from Yemayá, are its direct children who have a closer relationship with her and of course those with features of this greater Orisha; the sons of Yemayá are very special beings, as between them have different temperaments or very versatile and this is due to the large number of different paths of this Orisha, but all in itself, have something very special to offer to humanity. They form a contrast of multiple attributes or qualities which came to earth the same day Yembo came with Odduwa to this land. We've got very skilled Yemayá’s children in matters of religion, caracoleros, wizards, doctors, nurses, accountants, engineers and their endless other charges, but everyone, everyone has something very important in common, they are half crazy . It was said in Cuba in the old days the children of Yemayá were a little bit lunatics and through the years has come has recognized that in reality, the children of Yemayá are a little crazy, this of course we don’t mean it in the bad way, quite the opposite, rather we say as a way of raising to the children of this Orisha, which particularly we owe so much.

Much more we could talk about Yemayá, would not be enough pages in the world to finish talking about her, but we just wanted to pay her a small tribute on these days. We will return later to talk about our beloved mother.

For now we'll leave it at this initiation, always hoping to share and comment on our blog and help us so that this continues to grow.

Oloffin's blessing be with you all and of course Maferefún Yemayá today and forever...

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