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The Yoruba Religion

Published : 2016-04-25 16:44:50

Hello everyone! Yes! finally our blog comes to you and makes us very happy to have this opportunity every week to share, discuss and increase our knowledge about the wonderful world of our faith. It can't be any other way, our first delivery addresses to outline the history of the Yoruba Religion and although it will not be the last time that we tlak about this matter but if we wanted to start this blog about our religion and faith, we should always start at the beginning. We expect all of you to follow us every week and to read, comment and help us grow and make great this Botanica 7 Mares new project. Thanks in advance and very many blessings.

The Yoruba is the oldest religion in the world.

 Originally from West Africa, he was brought to America by thousands of men, women and children who came to this land as slaves. These slaves in order to fulfill their religious needs and to some extent seek the favor of their masters, created or settled their faith in a secret religion since otherwise be pursued by the prevailing radical Catholicism in the colonies. Very soon it began what is now known as religious syncretism, which is simply the union and complement between the African Orishas with Catholic saints.

Within this African religion there are three large groups or religious divisions, which are merely different denominations to some extent differ from each other within the same common body. The Indigenous Yoruba is the original religious center, in Brazil it is known as Candomble. In the colonial Cuba and then in many written works by leading academics adquire inappropriate denominations as the Rule of Ocha or Santeria and The Way of the Saints. A more accurate name will be the Lukumi-Ayoba. As in Brazil, some of these streams stick and accept the syncretism while others holding manners, rituals and nomenclatures without mixing in some form with Catholicism. In parallel, it is the Rule of Palo Monte, Umbanda and Spiritualism. All these differ one from each other.

The Yoruba religion is based on a tradition of possession trance rituals to communicate with the ancestors and deities. The use of animal sacrifices and Ebos (cleaning) purposes of worship and purification. The practice of sacred dances and drumbeats, the use of herbs and sticks, divination and foretelling the future, prayers and offerings.

Santeria is now practiced by millions of people around the world especially concentrated in Cuba and the Caribbean Sea Basin has become the source from where it was poured around the islands and reaching countries such as Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina. Also immigration as in the colonial past has spread countries like the United States and is most prevalent in Florida, New Jersey, New York and California. There are also many believers settled in European countries and even in Arab nations.

The Yoruba religion has been the subject and target of many slanders and attacks throughout its long history and here in South Florida has been no exception but thanks to the tireless struggle of many of their children have taken important steps to recognition as a social and religious phenomenon. One of the largest was recorded in the mid-80s when the city of Hialeah passed an ordinance prohibiting the establishment there of a church. Over a period of six years Oba Pichardo and many others they fought in the courts of law in order to demonstrate and confirm that Santeria is as authentic as any other religion and that its practice is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United United. The term satisfactorily case giving great impetus and support for the struggle for recognition of our Faith.

See you next week. That the blessing of Olofin and Dedewantolokun, be with you ...

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Cassandra Stoneking

2016-05-04 22:33:39

LOVE... So very happy to see you doing write-ups like this. Proud our tradition is getting new reputable voices speaking louder every day. Please keep it up. Luz y progreso....everyday. Xx

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