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The Rule of Osha and the triumph of Divine Thought over Mortal Thoughts

Published : 2016-05-02 14:49:30

Hello friends, first of all we want to thank you for going through our website and read the first installment of our blog. Today we will continue entering in the religious world and analyzing the mysteries of the Faith.

Yoruba Religion has always been linked to great mysteries that have brought through the centuries many confusions and misrepresentations. One of the most common is about the Rule of Osha, curiously something that should be very clear to all who practice this religion and yet few know its meaning and purpose.

In today's delivery we will try to roughly review the Rule of Osha’s origin, which is nothing but the discovery of "The essence of being or the science of being"


The foundation of religion, the essence of being.

"All intelligence, fairness, power, strength and truth, is in the spirit, which is eternal and will live forever in the thoughts."

"The matter is a source of suffering and anguish to those who believe in it."

"I am spiritual and you are my children, I allowed you all to be my image, so that way, you will also be spiritual."

These three statements are the basis of religion. These were the great discovery of Oloddu Mare and is what we call "The essence of being."


Rule of Osha

Despite the misinterpretation and misuse of this definition through times, the Rule of Osha has been preserved in the heart of the most traditional believers who have kept it alive by passing it orally or through the few extant writings, generation to generation without losing the essence of being the guide to everyone who profess this religion.

For many believers and religious, the Rule of Osha is a branch of the Yoruba religion and although this is an error, not many people have been ordered to correct it. It is not our intention lecturing much less create confusion among our followers religionists Yoruba and faithful followers of the Rule of Osha, only want to contribute our grain of sand to the understanding of the rules by which our ancient Faith walks.

Rule of Osha is nothing more than the commandments of Oloffin by which must guide all who profess our beliefs, are supreme laws that must be obeyed and respected fully by all those who look at the sky and ask for blessing to Oloffin and all orishas every morning.

The Eight Oloffin's Commandments (Rule Osha)

1. Do not accept in your spirit that evil has any power over good.

2. You shall not allow matter to control your mind.

3. You will live in peace with your fellows.

4. You will bring help to those in need.

5. Do not eat human flesh.

6. You shall not kill any living creature but those I bring you for your food.

7. You shall pass along my wishes, will respect my laws and as your brother’s laws.

8. You shall not worship any other God than me, your father.

These 8 commandments were, are and will be the foundation of the way of the Faith.

As always, we want to encourage you all to follow us through our website or through Facebook, and of course we want you to leave us feedback on our publications and your consideration about it.

Once again thank you and the Blessing of Oloffin be with you all.

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