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The King dressed in white

Published : 2016-06-06 10:28:02

Obbatalá, master of the heads of this world


Much has been said of this most Orisha, Yemayá with him are the Orishanlas or Greater Orishas, ​​the first on creation (Odduwa and Yembo) and aldermen of the balance of the world. Obbatalá is guidance, intelligence and wisdom. Also his fury is impeccable and rarely concealed. This Santo has many paths in many of which it’s represented as both male and female, this ambivalence is given that Obbatalá as Yemayá comes straight from Olodunmaré, he was created by God and has no father or mother defined. He is on Earth from the beginning. It represents the creation that is not necessarily immaculate; so magnanimous and superior, also the pride, anger, despotism and people with physical and mental defects or difficulties. Obbatalá is an Osha and is in the group header Oshas. Obbatalá embraces all his children with patience and love. Among his many qualities he is the one who brings intelligence, peace and calm to the world. During his life on the terrenal plane was king of the Igbo. Its name comes from the Yoruba Obbatalá (King of purity). This Orisha likes everything clean, white and pure. He does not support anybody undress in his presence, nor lack of respect, which is why their children should be very respectful. Their priests are called Oshabí.


King dressed in white


On his path as Odduwa was Obbatalá who shaped the human being and all its parts before Olodunmaré infuse us the breath of life. He was an Irunmale Orisha or Spirit of Creation created by Olodunmaré in his image and likeness and that was down to Orisha for his mistakes during this process. It is said of him that Oloffin dressed him in pure white so it would not be a demon, and therefore represents the duality of good and evil in humans. His patience is infinite like wisdom but their punishments are terrible and rarely avoidable. It is the absolute king of all the Yoruba Pantheon is also a judge of human beings here on Earth, Obbatalá judges and Shangó delivers said the elders in the past. There’s no Shangó without Obbatalá and there’s no Obbatalá without Shangó, that’s said due to many reasons and the affinity between these two Orishas, ​​mainly in several of his ways Obbatalá is parent Shangó and Shangó his favorite son.

Obbatalá power is only limited by Oloffin who is accountable to no one else. All Orishas pay him respect and always listen to his wise words. He gave the coconut (Obbi) as a communication tool between the Orishas and his followers as well as the main food of the first. Only he has the right of receive the coconut clean and white on both sides so you must peel it well before offer it to him.

Whenever there is a dispute between Orishas, Obbatala is always requested to intercede and finish it. The same happens when there is indecision or cannot correctly define the guardian angel of a person, in these cases always Obbatalá intervenes and claims the child as his own since at the end he and he alone owns all heads of this world .

Obbatalá, the righteous judge and mediator


Respected by all Orishas since their power and wisdom go hand by hand within Obbatalá, stories and patakíes this Orisha there are many, perhaps the most remembered are those which talk about how he granted the coconut it mission to be the link between the Orishas and their mortal children, or when he intervened to placate the fury of Olokun and he do not hear Obbatalá’s orders, so the White King chained and calm down Olokun at his palace in the depths of the sea.

It is also said that one day men organized a party to honor the Saints and inadvertently forgot about Yemayá, she, enraged sent her waters to raze all the dry world that exist despite the entreaties of men and Saints themselves,  the Owner of the World did not listen and everybody  trembled seeing her ride the waves. Seeing this Obbatalá and fearing that his creation was completely destroyed interceded at Yemayá achieving her to listen his pleas so she placate her fury and return to her reign. It is said and it is our conviction that only Obbatalá could have done this because only he has the wisdom and patience to convince any Orisha through his intervention.

The paths of this Santo are many and counted up to 21; Obbatalá is the only Orisha who speaks in all the Diloggún’s Oddún (1 ... 16) regardless which Santo has settled in the head of the person concerned, those who always respect this Orisha will always have peace to reign in our lives and our homes.


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Oloffin's blessing be with you all...

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