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The Beginning of Everything

Published : 2016-05-24 10:20:48

Hello friends, after a week of absence finally we’re back with our blog. We apologize for the interruption but it was necessary because of certain security problems that are already solved. We hope you can understand and of course to continue this journey with us.

The creation of our world as we know, the origin of the Orishas and the emergence of the Faith have always been grounds for discussion and division among different religious aspects. Most of the cases due to a noble desire for recognition in others only in response to the wishes of domination of the few.

But above all that, the story is only one, albeit with many nuances but the foundation is the same and no matter what, the Faith is only one, not seeing the person who professes.

Today we will discuss this issue and seek not differ from anyone, nor create conflict either; simply spread the knowledge that we were taught by our elders and contribute to our religion remain strong as before and last in time to come.

The beginning. Olodunmaré, Oloffin, Odduwa. The Holy Trinity


The story goes that at the beginning the heavenly spirits roamed the universe (Irunmale) all moved into a chaos of scattered energies and colossal forces. It was Olodunmaré the Supreme Being that created everything and beyond, he restores order and perfection in the universe. Thus it was created the Earth that originally was a mass of burning gases without some form. Then Oloffin (in this case becomes the divine spirit of Olodunmaré) began to wander this world, and the earth began to be a leveled place full of flat and burning rocks with no trees or any life in it. Great clouds of steam were held in the sky as a result of the flames coming from the depths of the Earth. Africans have great believes than all this happened because Oloffin wanted it that way. One day this great mass of steam dropped into water on earth in flames, in places where the fire had worked more, larger holes were formed where water is accumulated, forming the oceans where they are born all Yemayases including the powerful Olokun, the middle lands were filled with a muddy and fertile ground where later Orishaoko will became the great lord of fertility and agriculture, and in the younger highlands born the mighty Oque (the hills, the volcano) that only Oloffin destroys, of there would be born the saint Aggayú highly respected in ancient times by our African ancestors.

Olodunmaré being created the Earth decided to populate it and sent Odduwa that is just the same Olodunmaré but with shape and body. From his left rib Odduwa create Yembo (the oldest Yemayá and which we discussed last week). From the union of these major Orishas are born throughout the Yoruba pantheon which in turn would concentrate to live and rule in the Sacred City that Yembo created by herself and known as ILE IFE. From Odduwa born every Obbatalases as from Yembo the Yemayases, they come to represent the dual spirit in which we humans reflect us every day. Masculinity and femininity, logic and creation, strength and intelligence.

These top three beings come to be the basis and foundation of our Faith, Olodunmaré, Heavenly Father; Odduwa, the same become its most visible and Oloffin is the shapeless, omnipresent and omnipotent Holy Spirit.

Olodunmaré resides in the beginning and the end; there is no ceremony or greater pray that begins without paying tribute to our supreme creator. In him and only in himself the beginning and the end resides. Oloffin taught us the rules by which lead us to have a healthy and full of satisfaction life, The Rule of Ocha that are nothing but commandments that we should follow as religious and practitioners of Yoruba Fe.

 For today we bid farewell wishing the Oloffin Blessing be with you always, see you next week.

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